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The Dragon's Head Blog: Passages

The practice of Taoist Tai Chi® arts helps me dissolve mental and emotional blockages that I have built within myself over the years. They are gradually fading away. The foundation exercises soften both my body and my state of mind. Five years ago, when I started training, I saw myself as a shy person. Now, I feel more open to others. 

By letting go of my certainties, of who I believe myself to be, I observe that I gain physical benefits in return. When tension eases, I feel space being created between my vertebrae. I have the  sense  of a fog dissipating. My head gets clearer. Energy flows, reviving fluidity in my body. Calmness settles in it.

Climbing this mountain step by step back to the source, fills me with gratitude towards those who clear the way for us. Thanks to Mr. Moy, to his lineage and to his heirs who pass on his teachings. We belong to an ancient oral tradition. It touches me to see that we participate in perpetuating this tradition, by sharing the experience of our personal practices with each other.


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