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The Dragon's Head Blog: Oregon Branch Weekend Program and Western Regional Meeting

The Oregon Branch hosted a Tai Chi program on September 21st and 22nd.  The weekend started with a Friday evening dinner to welcome everyone.  For the first time the Portland Center was too small for the workshop, a testament to the continuing growth of the Society.  The 137 attendees represented states from Florida to Alaska and from across the border in British Columbia.  Instruction was held in a local school gym less than 4 blocks away.  Meals were prepared and shared at the Portland Center, making the walk between the venues a refreshing addition to the workshop. 


The Western Regional Annual Meeting was held at the lunch break on Saturday, including reports from all of the Regional Branches that indicated growing appreciation for how administration expresses our Taoist training as well as instruction.


We learned both by practicing and by watching.  We gained an understanding of the importance of feeling rather than just the performing of movements.  Our arms opened and arced with the turning of the spine, and our spines opened as we stretched all the way straight up.  We cultivated stillness as we took another step in our exploration of the Taoist Arts.

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