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The Dragon's Head Blog: Oregon Branch Celebrates 30 Years

The Oregon Branch celebrated its 30th Anniversary in September with a challenging and enlightening International Workshop and a chocolate cake that will be remembered.  Many Taoist Tai Chi Society participants traveled to join us from Canada and across the US.  The workshop program included practicing several of the Taoist arts including tai chi, standing meditation, and chanting. 
The tai chi instruction challenged our flexibility by presenting variations on several movements of the set.  Even those with many years of Taoist tai chi training experienced „beginners mind”.  Our instructor explained how practicing the Taoist arts increases our ability to be flexible in life.  Instruction emphasized experiencing the completeness of the donyus and toryus throughout the set.
Because many of the workshop attendees will soon be participating in the ceremonies dedicating the new International Center in Dunedin, Florida, we received instruction in the chants which will be part of these ceremonies.  The instruction included information about the importance of cleansing and purifying the center, translation of the chants into English, and practicing of the chants.
Before the Annual Meeting of the Western Region, we gathered to admire and enjoy the 30th anniversary cake.  The cake was cut by USA President Pegoty Packman,  National Board Member Allen Pearce, and Branch Leader Jan Schorey.   The Annual Meeting was held and reports were given by all of the Western Region states in attendance.  We learned about growth and changes throughout the Western Region.   USA President Pegoty Packman reported on preparations for the Grand Opening of the International Center.  She asked that if possible we travel early and help with the preparations. 

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