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The Dragon's Head Blog: November in Ireland is Taichiathon Time

This  is our 4th annual Taichiathon, taking place in our national centre in Ballina. Members from all Irish branches — some practising Taoist Tai Chi® arts for years, some who have not even finished a beginner class — came along to enjoy this event together. Everyone gave a donation to help Dunedin.  We started at 8 in the morning and did one set after another until 8 in the evening in different groups. The idea is that every group is on the floor for one hour. But it does not always work out like that.  Some people like to do more than one hour, so they just go on; some people stop after their hour, take a break and join in again. The 12 hours pass, it seems, more like minutes. Ask people what they think of it and the answer will be: 'So enjoyable, and such a relaxing atmosphere’. And most probably a question will follow: 'Will we do it again next year?’

We certainly will.


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