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The Dragon's Head Blog: My Self Practice

I came to FLK and Taoist Tai Chi® arts in June 1991, so just 30 years ago.  The time has gone so fast; I feel like I am still a beginner, and I am still a beginner. During the pandemic I was encouraged to practice on my own.  Little by little I learned to stop trying so hard to do it correctly and to just do what I can.  By not trying so hard my balance is better, settling into my very flat feet happens without pain and, despite having COPD, breathing is also more relaxed some of the time.

I have wrestled all my life with anxiety and depression.  Bit by bit my Taoist training has relieved that struggle. I learned that doing dan yus can stop the onset of depression.  Now, on nights when I cannot sleep and get spells of anxiety, doing Taoist Tai Chi®  arts relieves these spells, and they happen less frequently. I am grateful for the weekly international gatherings. The discussion of Master Moy’s teachings has been truly inspiring and has led me to recognize the spiritual path I am on, it is a path that I follow in my not particularly disciplined way, but I have learned to just keep doing it. I am 76 and in fairly good physical shape, but I hope to take my training into the future, learning how to be content with dying. Some days there is a deep sense of joy in being in touch with eternity and the universe.

~ Polly

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