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The Dragon's Head Blog: Second Half of Lok Hup in Dunedin, Florida

Practicing and learning together,meditating together,eating together, tasking together, and visiting the almost complete practice hall at the International Center. We were honored by the participation of Marsha Eberhardt, president of the International Fung Loy Kok Taoist Tai Chi Society. What an amazing week we’ve had!

109 eager participants worked together to understand and apply the generous teachings of our instructors. We were encouraged to build on our tai chi foundations and to use our whole bodies. We deepened our understanding and appreciation of how the Lok Hup moves affect our bodies and did many repetitions (10 times was our mantra) to create body memory.

USA president Pegoty Packman talked to us about the society’s culture emphasizing working together in all aspects of our practice. Breaking into our task groups we discussed the intention and value of the groups: getting to know each other better, developing communication to facilitate task completion and teaching the society’s culture of sibling harmony and volunteerism. We listened as Pegoty told us how the help of everyone working together would be essential to the success of the November 3rd grand opening of the International Center. This workshop rehearsed the model for the grand opening using workshop coordinators,task group leaders,cooks, and blogger recruited from branches outside of Florida.

We visited the nearly completed practice hall at the International Center. We were honored and thrilled to join together for the very first tai chi set in the amazing 12,000 square foot practice hall. It was fitting and fun to be joined in the set by the project construction managers who got into the middle and went with the flow.

Saturday evening a very lucky person topped off their experience by winning the raffle for a gorgeous Tshirt quilt crafted and donated by a Florida participant.

Here are some words from participants asked to summarize their workshop experience:

“Yesterday was probably the best tai chi day I’ve experienced … from chopping, to toryus, to seated meditation, to the set at the International Center and of course the Lok Hup.” — Clayton

“It is such a pleasure to be part of the balance in all the things we do, from doing tasks together to practicing tai chi.” — Barb

“The week was very calming and relaxing and it helped me to find a deeper connection.” — Ray

“Open, softer and aware of how much more there is.” — Anne

“Of all the workshops, Lok Hup has the most calming and meditative effect.” — Renate

“I’m enjoying the fluidity of the moves and how they make my tai chi more fluid. I’m able to practice without expectations because it is my first time. I’m able to keep my beginner’s mind.” — Chris

“Working together in the practice of Lok Hup and tai chi has really supported the same effort in our task groups this week.” — Terry

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