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The Dragon's Head Blog: Letting go…more

As I practice during this lockdown I’ve learnt some amazing things.

First, to let go, something I thought I had already achieved!

Being told to self-isolate after returning home from Brazil, and then going into lockdown made me so very cross, as I had already been doing tai chi on my own for some time and was looking forward to participating in classes, and going on retreats.  I was still attempting to remember the set in addition to doing daily dan yus.

After a while I found the practice of my tai chi changed with the focus more on relaxing, dropping and using my whole body. I spent more time doing the foundation exercises and began to enjoy the freedom to develop and think about my own tai chi. Listening to voices of various instructors in my head enabled me to think and feel differently, about doing tai chi in a less mechanical way. I was so pleased to have this experience that I’m still not sure that I want to attend classes again yet!

The chanting and stories told on Saturdays and Mondays are amazing, as is the chanting itself. The focus on Balance and Harmony finally struck a chord, one to be used in all areas of life. For me, it means that my Facebook time just means sharing tai chi stories and amusing anecdotes, rather than involving myself in debates or arguments, which only increase disharmony.

Today, despite the rain, letting go meant that I actually did a whole set without thinking about what comes next, i.e. is this 5 cloud hands or 3? I hope to continue learning and practicing on my own until the time is right for us to get back together again. Patricia

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