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The Dragon's Head Blog: More Than Just a Home from Home

I have been fortunate this month to be able to visit the Australian national centre in Bayswater and share in the international programs led by our FLK President Marsha Eberhardt in Western and Eastern Australia, together with programs led by Tony Kwong in Eastern Australia and Wellington, New Zealand.

The Bayswater centre is a place I had long hoped to visit, even more so since the opening of the high shrine.  I had seen many images on the blog, but as soon as I stepped into the space I knew it was not just a home from home but offered a deep sense of stillness and joy which infuses all activity that we share therein.

For those who supported the international program at the center and took advantage of the local area intensives led by Marsha, there were many opportunities to deepen our practice.  Marsha helped us explore uneven forces creating torque and therefore the spiral.  We explored the concept of forces moving through the body resulting in stillness and softness, both feet working with both hands and the coccyx to provide a more complete connection and deepen the benefits of the practice.  Lots of opportunities to enjoy the moment.

Through the programs we continued to explore finding our centre, balance and being natural. The image for the latter was provided by a corella (a local parrot), which we saw during an early morning set at Rockingham before the intensive.  The bird was playing in a puddle and exhibited a natural pull and all the forces passed through the whole body to provide a beautiful stretch.  It was another kind of moment like so many during this visit:  simple, natural and all-encompassing.

During the intensives there was a rich opportunity for local members to connect with the international family, with two FLK directors, the Australian board and out-of-country visitors.  All contributing to share the richness of the history of FLK, Master Moy’s gifts to us.  This helps us deepen our appreciation of our role in nurturing these gifts and making them available for future generations.

Marsha provided updates on our second international center, the Fenway, helping us understand  more of its significance both in the context of the development of the society and our place in the community, but also providing insights into our speciality of “taking broken things and making them better”.  She shared excitement of the international seniors’ day when we will hook up around the world on October 1st to share the many events that we will undertake in the week prior for the seniors in our communities. Yes, it will be 3 am in New Zealand and midnight in Australia, but it is all part of connecting around the world in real time, which the international board is doing all the time.

Marsha also shared the great response we had for the international health survey and many other activities that we are sharing around the world to help others to have access to these arts and to understand who we are and the help that we can offer.  Everywhere the FLK board leadership and national committees were introduced, the many examples of our culture and the way we do things was so clear for all who wish to see, embrace and carry it forward.

The international workshop and intensives in Western Australia were followed by a two-day program in Canberra and then a five-day program in Brisbane with Tony Kwong leading. Tony generously shared his experience allowing all to enter at whatever stage in their journey and make huge progress.

There was an increased appreciation of the elastic threads that connect us around the world.  A chance to share stories with members from many communities and to observe the way our leadership was able to guide at all levels. Their example gave us a clear expression of the beauty of the support the FLK board provides in caring for the societies around the world.  In Brisbane there were three FLK directors and subsequently in Wellington there were four of the eleven directors providing their guidance for the leadership   Working tirelessly morning and evening to strengthen the roots and support those who wish to learn around the world.

We come together for moments, open ourselves in a warm, caring environment and take it back into the world to be better equipped to help others.  What a journey, what a gift. Thank you to Master Moy and all who have continued his work in the last 20 years with dedication and sacrifice.

— Peter Turner (Costa Rica)

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