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The Dragon's Head Blog: International Taoist Tai Chi® Retreat in Kraków, Poland

At the beginning of May 2024 we came to Kraków for the first post-pandemic retreat in Poland to deepen our understanding of Master Moy’s teachings. A friendly environment and the harmonious cooperation between the staff of a rented place (school) and the members of the Taoist Tai Chi Society, translated into a wonderful atmosphere. Under the watchful eye of the retreat leader, participants from 11 countries once again were able to strengthen their foundations and deepen the principles of Taoist Tai Chi® practice. We explored the importance of the ground force, dropping elbows, open hands, eye-level gaze, expansion and contraction. Through this, the movements became increasingly internal and harmonious. Practising for 5 days made us more sensitive to feelings in our bodies and helped us open up to changing our habits. Increasingly and with more openness we shared our feelings and personal experiences.

It wasn’t easy to change habits, but what a joyful work. The retreat leader tirelessly persevered in reminding us to stop thinking and encouraged us to let go. He explained the relationship between body and mind. The final set was an experience of togetherness, harmony and the joy of being together. We hope to meet again soon.

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