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The Dragon's Head Blog: International Program – Miami Florida – July 2019

Participants thoughts after the program:

The workshop theme, “letting go of worry”, goes to the core of our tai chi.  Our practice is a powerful prescription for keeping the mind, body and spirit healthy.  With a lighter step and lighter heart, I left the workshop looking forward to the next opportunity to deepen my understanding.   

Jill P. – Florida Keys, FL

Great workshop.  The instructor brought home Mr. Moy’s teachings very well.  He took the moves beyond what we do in the form.  We were concentrating on turning the spine, which generates a completely different feeling. 

Jim W. – Gold Coast, FL

By being 96, I earnestly state that the continuous practice of Taoist Tai Chi®, since 1994 until today, had greatly contributed to my recovery from cancer, twice, and other health problems of importance.

Felicia P. – Greater Miami, FL

This is my first workshop.  I like it that so many of the instructors are here and there are so many levels of tai chi experience.  I love the Society and the branch.  It does a lot of good for people of all ages.   

Carolyn W. – Gold Coast, FL

It’s nice getting in contact with my spine and feeling an internal connection.  

Connie M. – Sarasota, FL

I am expanding the chest using muscles that usually get contracted with work and life.

Radah S. – St. Petersburgh, FL

Sometimes you think you are s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g, but you are not.  We have been given certain clues to remember how to really stretch the spine.   

Rosa S. – Greater Miami, FL

I’ve been practicing for 25 years.  During the workshop, at the beginning of the set, while working on brush knees – all these years the connection with the spine had escaped me when turning to chop with fist.   

Joe S. – Gold Coast, FL

The three hot topics for discussion were:

  1. Salute to Seniors Luncheon – International Center – November 8, 2019
  2. Chinese New Year Banquet – 50th Anniversary Kickoff – International Center Florida – January 11, 2020
  3. 50th Anniversary Mega Celebration!!!! – International Center Florida – November 7, 2020



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