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The Dragon's Head Blog: In the news in New Zealand

Celebrating 25 years of tai chi

Tauranga Taoist Tai Chi members are celebrating 25 years of the traditional exercise in New Zealand by completing 25 sets of more than 100 movements non-stop today. Read article >

Slow-moving meditators complete Tai Chi marathon

Silence filled the Tauranga Taioist Tai Chi studio yesterday as its members celebrated 25 years of Tai Chi in New Zealand with a Tai Chi marathon. Read article >

Pride of NZ: Cycling slog makes Wade toast of the club

Tai Chi practitioner Wade Green admits he was not feeling incredibly 'zen’ trying to cycle up the Desert Rd, but he’s chuffed his efforts to reach Wellington have earned him a nomination in this year’s Pride of New Zealand awards. The Tauranga man has been nominated by his Taoist Tai Chi Society peers after completing a solo three-day excursion to help raise money to pay for a Tai Chi instructor’s learning trip to Canada. Read article >


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