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The Dragon's Head Blog: Doing the 'impossible’ and helping others

„The fact that you can do something that you’re told is impossible gives you hope.”

Providence Healthcare, which provides rehabilitation, palliative care, long-term care and community programs in Toronto, has just published a story in its Outlook magazine about long-time Taoist Tai Chi® arts participant Assunta Sciani.   Assunta, who has had Parkinson’s Disease for 32 years, has been helping with a tai chi class at Providence for the past 15 years.

Assunta’s progress with managing
her disease has her taking part in
a research study that’s following
5500 people with Parkinson’s.
Of that group, she says, “only 25
people have had it longer than me
and I’m the only one still taking the
subway (when my medications
are working).”

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