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The Dragon's Head Blog: Gratitude for healing power of Taoist Tai Chi® internal arts


In my prime of youth, active as a surfer and sportsman, a motorcycle accident resulted in my broken back, robbing me of the fun of life and of all sporting action. After 30 years of pain and limited movement, I was reluctantly introduced to Taoist Tai Chi® arts.

I tolerated the experience for the first year, until my wife took me to a health recovery program at Orangeville.  There I was gifted the seated don-yu, which stretched and opened my aching back to allow the blood to flow and reduce the pain. This gift gave me a new and willing perspective to try more of this art. And try I did with all my heart and body. At Orangeville I met and experienced many people who have been helped to improve their health and ability by practicing Taoist Tai Chi® arts together.

Then I was introduced to Lok Hup, and only by accepting the advice given to surrender the use of muscle, and reduce the tension and deliberation in my approach, did I find the softness of the art that gave me renewed ability to dance and move without pain.

Ten years of practicing the arts given by Master Moy, with the company and support of so many others enjoying the way, passed quickly.

Again in Orangeville I found the unbelievable pleasure in the dragon dance team.

I was taught to use the arts to run in a don-yu and to run without pain!

Me, who had not run for fun for more than 40 years, was now running in the town parade, carrying the dragon head. The joy and excitement that came with this experience is more than I can convey. I am incredibly grateful for the family of Taoist Tai Chi® arts who support each other to learn and practise these healing arts. The joy of helping each other, to co-operate to achieve a common goal, whilst gaining health is a treasure.

With this joy in my heart, I was then given a diagnosis of cancer, followed by surgery and a prolonged season of radiation. My energy was shot, my movement was again severely restricted and my joy for life was threatened. Again, the support of the Taoist Tai Chi® practice participants helped me to endure  agony, and to seek therapy to be able to continue to practice the arts.  Chanting, meditation, Tai Chi, Lok Hup, all gathering with others for workshops and feasts has helped me survive this two-year challenge.

I am now thriving again, now able to actively attend and participate in workshops, and to enjoy an active life. My gratitude is immense for the instructors and our Society, and for the love and support we give each other to renew and improve our health.

Thank you to Master  Moy.

Paul Harker

Bay of Plenty Branch, New Zealand

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