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The Dragon's Head Blog: Fung Loy Kok Week at the International Centre in Orangeville

One focus of Fung Loy Kok Week, held this year at the International Centre in Orangeville, is to cultivate stillness – to deepen our practice, to carry it into the world, and to help others. Another is to prepare us for the All Souls Festival at the end of the week.

The program for the week is cultivating stillness, which includes the 108-move set, meditation, chanting, discussion, taking care of each other and our facilities, and more.

After practising the set, there are opportunities to practice quiet standing, or quiet sitting, followed by quiet walking.

Other sessions cover other aspects of the cultvation: quiet sleeping, with those who finish early helping out by folding paper money for the All Souls ceremonies as well as discussion of the effects of the sitting and standing.

Together with the inward journey, we plan for reaching out, with presentations about our new social media campaigns on Instagram and Twitter. Each day, too, we are gaining familiarity with some of the Confucian and Taoist chants to be performed.  The combination of stillness and strength bodes well for a successful  All Souls Festival.

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