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The Dragon's Head Blog: Every-day discovery

I have always known that Tai Chi works miracles on my health, but during this lockdown I have rediscovered its benefits in a more in-depth way, thanks to the perseverance in practising almost every day. After two months, I feel that my physical and mental health has enormously benefited from it!

Initially, I could not carry out the foundations for more than one minute, so I often had to stop to recover energy. Now, I can easily last up to five minutes — what an achievement for me! In addition to building up stamina and strength, practising has helped me gain more balance, release the tension accumulated in my body, and ease most of the pain due to years of a sedentary life.

And to think that I used to be held back by the fear of doing it wrong and not getting results! Instead, I was surprised by the every-day discovery of new sensations and perceptions of my body; with practice and concentration, I came to deeply feel inside myself, to understand how to adjust my body to take more advantage from the exercises, and to feel where I create tension when, instead, complete relaxation is needed.

Certainly, all movements are still to be fixed and improved, but my hour of Tai Chi has become precious to me. It is a moment of not only physical activity, but also of disconnection from the world and of self-knowledge building, when even all thoughts and negativities can go away by completely focusing on what you are doing.

A heartfelt thanks to the person who introduced me to Tai Chi, to all the amazing instructors, and to Master Moy! Translation of English.

Vanessa, Italy

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