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The Dragon's Head Blog: Denver Senior’s Day Celebration Raises Awareness about the Health Benefits of Tai Chi

Over 50 people attended the Taoist Tai Chi Society® Denver Senior’s Day Celebration last month. Member Jerry Garner organized the early lunch-time event with committee members Bob Tank, Dr. Jason Crandall and Penny Ware. The committee reached out to Denver’s local health care provider community to invite them to the event and raise awareness about the health benefits of Taoist Tai Chi.

Bob led members in a demonstration set and just about all of the attendees participated in an introductory class. He also gave a short introduction to the Taoist Tai Chi Society of the USA.

Jason gave a well-researched presentation about the health benefits of Tai Chi for older adults. An MD and psychiatrist who has done extensive work in geriatrics, Jason cited published research from several medical journals and universities espousing the far-reaching benefits of tai chi as part of an integrated health care program,

“I was particularly struck by the statistics (Jason) gave on falls among the elderly and why mobility/balance issues are so dangerous for this population,” said Penny. “The attendees were highly impressed by his knowledge and sincerity about Tai Chi.”

Members Maggie Doyle and Penny gave emotional testimonials about how Taoist Tai Chi has changed their lives.

“I was diagnosed with RA at an early age and have experienced the chronic and progressive debilitating effects in my bones, joints, tendons ligaments and skin,” said Penny. “It wasn’t until 2014, after a serious fall, that I found a doctor who understood the benefits of Tai Chi. since then, my bone density has remained stable and my balance and strength have improved.”

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