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The Dragon's Head Blog: Chinese New Year and Intensive in Switzerland

On February 13th we celebrated the Chinese New Year in Lausanne, Switzerland. We had the chance to welcome Martina Pavlovicova, visiting from the European Regional Council (ERC). She led a wonderful intensive, worked with us on smiling and, while practicing move hands like clouds, we actually did manage to move the clouds which allowed our visitors to see the lake and mountains through the window. The Chinese New Year was then celebrated with a pleasant pot luck style meal with plenty of delicious food prepared by local members.

 There were some really new participants experiencing their first intensive and gathering with other participants from Switzerland, France and Germany.  Here are some of their impressions:

„Martina was very joyful and helped us to bring lightness in our body and spirit”

„There was a sense of calm and stillness”

„Thank you to all those who came from far away to share this nice time with us”

„It was incredible to see how harmony built up within the group throughout the practice and the day”

„The carrying group effect was very interesting to experience”

„Martina showed us the art of bringing the sun hidden behind the clouds, closer to us and even into our hearts”

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