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The Dragon's Head Blog: Chinese New Year banquet in Bratislava, Slovakia

Chinese New Year banquet in Bratislava, Slovakia, 13 FEB 2016

We have celebrated the upcoming lunar year, in sign of fire monkey, traditionally by banquet in our location in Bratislava. Before the celebration there was an intensive, during which the members could warm up.

There was a very enjoyable and relaxing atmosphere during the banquet, which was assisted by a cultural program. As the first we could see young hip-hop dancing group, followed by talented flautist and her young singer. At the end we could hear a legend, how the monkey gets into zodiac, presented by our long-time participant.

Once again we have enjoyed excellent menu, the preparation of which started a day ahead by very intensive vegetable chopping of exact millimetre pieces into Chinese hot and sour soup. Also homemade cakes which smelled lovely, presented on decorated tables.

There were more than 50 members attending the banquet, who contributed their help to make it a smooth running celebration.

Thanks to all for a positive response.

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