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The Dragon's Head Blog: Change

When I started Taoist Tai Chi™ practice, there were many things that I had a hard time doing physically without pain; getting dressed, putting my socks on, sitting, getting up, taking long walks … These seemingly small movements affected the quality of my life and even my attitude towards life.

I never thought Taoist Tai Chi™ arts would change my life immensely when I stepped into my first class. I remember the question the instructor asked about what we felt after three months of practice.  I realized I was enjoying it despite my pain and I shared the feeling of joy with them. Over time, that joy brought healing and ease to the pain.

When I practice, I explore how to do a movement without triggering pain. Pain becomes a guide. After the session when I return home, I like to repeat the moves and try to catch the same feelings I felt during the session so that I would not forget. Sometimes, I concentrate on just one moment of the movement and work on the feeling. The kick was one of the moves I had a hard time doing properly. When I did it with confidence for the first time, I came home, practiced again and again. I was repeating the kick with such childish joy with a full smiling face, in every direction. Am I doing it perfectly, no! But I can put on my socks standing up now. 

I still have pain and I still have difficulties with many movements. I know that I have plenty of things to learn and work on. When I look back on where I’ve come from, I feel a sense of hope, happiness and gratitude. I can’t thank FLK enough. His teachings made my life much better.


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