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The Dragon's Head Blog: Central Region Workshop Report from Dunedin, Florida — Day Five

Here is another testimonial from a participant of the program about the power of Taoist Tai Chi™ arts.

I came to Taoist Tai Chi™ practice seeking to improve my balance. I have trauma induced vertigo from a motorcycle accident. I had just come to a stop when a car hit me doing 35-40 mph. The force of the impact was such that I was ejected and my half helmet (properly fitted & secured) came off as I was flying through the air. I was knocked unconscious and suffered a concussion. After falling a couple of times while walking I thought I had better do something before I fell and broke an arm, or shoulder, or hip.

Coincidentally I have a severely damaged spine from a helicopter accident where the aircraft I was flying lost part of the tail rotor, then the entire tail rotor and gear box. There were some other aerodynamic changes which caused the aircraft to become uncontrollable and I wound up falling straight down from 2,000 feet. Thirty years later I was taking 120mg of morphine every day and there was talk of putting me on a morphine pump.

A few weeks after starting Taoist Tai Chi™ I found I was requiring less morphine; six months later I was morphine free. Am I pain free? No, but I wasn’t pain free with all the morphine. I was controlling it with drugs; now I am controlling it with with tai chi.

Oh yes, tai chi did wonders for my balance. 

— Leland Cranmer, Marathon, Florida

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