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The Dragon's Head Blog: Central Region Program at the International Centre in Orangeville

There were 120 participants who spent the last weekend in May, 2017 attending a central region program at the International Centre near Orangeville, Ontario. Program leaders John Balinski and Jim Gazzard emphasized the importance of learning by watching so that we can disengage our “thinking” mind and access our “feeling” mind. Although the weekend started out cloudy, by Sunday the sun was shining brightly both outdoors and inside the practice hall, as we discovered the transformative power of letting go and following the cues to pay attention to architecture and timing. Participants were surprised at how many pain-free, full dan-yus they were able to do joyfully after many hours of practice!

Saturday afternoon at the central region meeting we engaged in small group discussion reflecting on the value of the cultural legacy Master Moy left to Fung Loy Kok Taoist Tai Chi® and the importance of donations to sustain this legacy for the next 1,000 years. A team from the southwest region did a very efficient job of learning some of the organizational duties needed to organize a central region program. As we move into the busy season lots of help is needed during and between programs… new and experienced volunteers are very welcome!


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