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The Dragon's Head Blog: Celebrating the First Intensive and Chinese New Year Banquet in San Diego, California

Practitioners of Taoist Tai Chi® arts in San Diego, California held their first Taoist Tai Chi® intensive.  On Feb 4th over 20 participants from north and south California, Scottsdale, Florida, Mexico and Canada attended on a bright and beautiful southern California day.  Allen Pearce, USA Director, lead the intensive.  After the morning session of working together on the foundations and the first 17 moves, the group celebrated its first Chinese New Year banquet. Everyone enjoyed the day and the wonderful food.

We talked about the culture of the Society and of cultivating stillness.
  — Allen Pearce

What a wonderfully intensive experience with Allen Pearce.
His mastery of movement and ability to express its meaning
through imagery astounded me.  I felt intimidated for a moment
as we began, but soon found myself floating in a current of
meaningful moves.  Then I was given a vocabulary to work
with that allowed me to peek into a universe, into an art of
healing that took my breath away.  I was humbled that Allen
related to me personally.  I am humbled to be part
of Taoist Tai Chi.
— San Diego participant

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