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The Dragon's Head Blog: Celebrating 40 Years in Kingston


Over 50 participants of Fung Loy Kok Taoist Tai Chi® kicked off their 40th anniversary celebrations on the first day of the year — Jan. 1 — with some tai chi and a 40 Dessert Potluck.
The festivities started with long-time participant Dennis Dong giving a short history of the Branch, including how participants built the existing Montreal Street building from the ground up in 1988. He pointed out that funds to purchase the land was beyond the capacity of the Kingston group at the time so money came from across Canada and other parts of the world, a practice that continues today as we all help to cover the costs of the New International Centre in Dunedin.
After an opening set, we cycled through 40 each of jongs, don-yus and tor-yus ( learning our tai chi was more synchronized than our counting), and then another set. The morning continues with some CITs sharing something new they had learned in 2016.
Then, it was all about replenishing our energies with the 40+ desserts……a fun day was had by all!


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