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The Dragon's Head Blog: AWARENESS ZOOM

On November 7, the day of the planned 50th Anniversary celebrations, we gathered from all four branches in Italy for an Awareness Zoom
Once more aware of the power of Taoist Tai ChiTM arts, of not being alone, of sharing Master Moy’s wise teachings.
It has been such an opportunity to be happy together, to share experiences, to remind each other what a stronger and stronger connection is helping us through these difficult times, to witness the lucky circumstance of willing and be committed to live on the basis of what Master Moy taught us: sincerity, dedication, trust, selflessness, intention, heart.
We thank Master Moy, our leaders and everyone in the world who – instead of waiting who knows for what –  is making it possible to keep growing, understanding, acting, reflecting … advancing together, while apparently not moving!screenshot
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