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The Dragon's Head Blog: Awakening the Dragon in Orangeville, Canada

On a sunny and crisp Saturday, April 29, the 10-leg dragon was prodded from its lair at the International Centre in Orangeville by a posse of 18 participants from Toronto, Quebec and Halifax. The sleepy dragon patiently allowed its head to be reattached after a long winter sleep before going outside for a good stretch and run.

Energized by a morning of yard work at our Cooksville rental space and fuelled by indescribably amazing cake, coffee and tea (raising funds in the process), we headed up to Orangeville for the first training session of the season. After a fun two hours of walking, running, dipping, and zigzagging, we put the red and silver dragon back down to rest and headed home.

I think we all slept well that night.

For those in the neighbourhood, the next dragon practice is Saturday May 20th. Let’s get 100 people out!  All dragon legs are encouraged to show up and bring at least one friend.  More local people will be needed to run the dragons at the Awareness Day celebrations this summer.



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