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The Dragon's Head Blog: Autumn Moon Celebration Banquet and Calgary Branch National Program

On the weekend of September 25th, 26th and 27th our Calgary Branch welcomed in the Autumn Moon with a celebration banquet and a National Program lead by Susan Lundy, from Toronto.

The Autumn Moon event began with a reception and entertainment from cellist Liz Tremblay of Bella Cello. The reception was a great opportunity for us to catch up with familiar friends and make new friends. Friday evening’s celebration continued with the banquet, a story and video about the Legend of the Mooncake Festival, a Tai Chi demo and a wonderful Chinese food dinner prepared by volunteers. The silent auction for fundraising became exciting when two items became quite popular and the bidding became a contest!

The weekend activities were well attended with 68 participants from Manitoba, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Alberta. During the program, we were reminded to „trust the form”, „keep it simple” and importantly, „we do not have to get it all today”. Thank you, Susan, for sharing your knowledge and experience. Our group leaders had some fun moving forward without missing a beat while demonstrating wave hands like clouds and participants had enriching discussions when we were asked, „How do we talk to people about who we are and what we do?” More tools for our Taoist arts tool kit.

This blogger’s final word on the National Program is about the food. The two go hand in hand especially when we are playing so hard. The feedback received of the food was „Absolutely Fabulous”!

Hope to see you all at the next Calgary National Program and Chinese New Year Banquet, February 5th, 6th and 7th, 2016.


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