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The Dragon's Head Blog: Australia @ CIT Week

The atmosphere from the 576 participants is one of harmony, companionship and energy. We are enjoying the tasty meals provided and eaten outside in the beautiful Canadian summer. The kitchen people are doing a fantastic job!

So far the workshop leaders have given us instructions in dan-yus and tor-yus, and we are working diligently in small groups, in the practice hall and on the outside deck. There is much chatter, laughter and excitement each day. There is lots of sharing of stories and knowledge about every aspect of our practice, including all the administration, promotion and planning which keeps our organisation humming along.

Practice has started for dragon training for International Awareness Day coming up this Thursday. It isn’t unusual to see a dragon „walking” in the gardens of the International Centre in Orangeville. — Sandy, first-time CIT Week participant (Perth, Australia)


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