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The Dragon's Head Blog: Annual Meeting and International Workshop in Western Region of the United States

On the weekend of September 23 and 24, the Portland, Oregon branch hosted an international workshop. We were privileged to welcome international instructor and FLK USA Executive Director Sean Dennison. The experience was enriched by over 40 old and new friends who traveled from branches in the United States and Canada. A total of 141 participants listened and observed with rapt attention as Sean guided us through highlights of this summer’s CIT Week training. Three concepts (timing, balance, and feeling) were reflected in the physical training as well as discussion of the culture and activities of the Taoist Tai Chi Society. At the annual meeting of the Western Regional Management Committee on Saturday, we learned of continuing expansion in the region with classes now available in Seattle, Washington, Mendocino, California and Irvine, California. We celebrated the growth of many of our existing branches and twigs and learned of the challenges being addressed as some of our locations seek new practice sites. And, of course, we enjoyed delicious food from the kitchen team and worked together harmoniously to make it all happen smoothly and with smiles.

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