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The Dragon's Head Blog: All Souls Festival Reflections

Last Saturday, the Fung Loy Kok Institute of Taoism  offered an opportunity to observe and or participate in the All Souls Festival in a live online format following the weekly chanting opportunity.  Being familiar with some other traditions for the deceased, I was intrigued and curious but intended to just ” stay for awhile”.  Long story short, I observed from start to finish and participated in the chants we practice weekly on Saturday mornings. 

What surprised me most was the intimate nature of All Souls Festival.  Whether a person chooses to participate in familiar chants, or try to participate in the unknown, or just listen or observe for all or part, it is an invitation from the heart by the Society to contribute with the intent of well being for all.  

My father passed peacefully in December and I was able to tend to him in his dying process.  I cannot put words to it, but feel somehow practicing the Taoist Tai Chi® Arts expanded my capacity to care for and support he and my mother during this time.  After observing and participating as I was able in All Souls Festival last Saturday, I again noticed what I am going to call this ” increased spaciousness”.

This morning on the beach, while playing with Tai Chi, those sometimes luscious moments of emptiness had that same feeling of „increased spaciousness”; it was filled with joy and optimism.

Kris F

Coast Location Portland Branch, USA

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