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The Dragon's Head Blog: a set-saver on the wall

I work in an Epidemiology Department so, from the very beginning, the lock-down found me in so called smart working, meaning working at home with a big load, many hours a day, seven days a week. 
Tense and tired, I started practicing foundations, every now and then during the day, just to stretch and slow down. Invited and encouraged by the instructors to deepen the individual practice and discover "my" Tai Chi, I tried to do some movements and set segments every day, but I could not recall much. Partly relying on Master Moy video, partly with the freedom that I derived from proceeding with my pace, without worrying when I needed to repeat the same passage dozens of times when (often!) I got lost ...slowly my Tai Chi has become "meek". A friend. Practicing alone made me feel lighter and free to let go, less in search of who knows what perfection, not watched and so not ashamed of "not being good". Surprise: by being constant and not leaning on the instructor, now I know we learn ... a lot of other things. Made audacious by the results of the self-made, I prepared myself and hung on the wall a set-saver, which emancipated me from the video, too. By now I am able to complete the set, but above all I created a daily space of relaxation and "free head". From this difficult period I have had gifts that I will preserve: the wonder of daily practice, strength and freedom.
Mirò, Italy

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