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Coiling in Colchester 0

Coiling in Colchester

Participants from across the UK and Europe are dreaming of circles, after five days of coiling and ‘turning from the spine’ at the International programme in Colchester.     The focus was very much on the *feeling* of the moves, as over one hundred people worked together to connect to the internals in their Taoist […]
Mayor visits Bayswater National Centre 0

Mayor visits Bayswater National Centre

Yesterday the Bayswater Mayor Dan Bull dropped by to see our National Centre and enjoy lunch with 135 of our Taoist Tai Chi workshop participants. During a tour of the centre he was introduced to the finer points of the Taoist shrine, and saw a demonstration of Taoist Tai Chi™ arts.  
Harmony in Essex 0

Harmony in Essex

Essex is a county in Great Britain where many people practise Taoist Tai ChiTM arts. On Wednesday participants from South East Essex hired a coach and joined others in North East Essex for chanting and tai chi. Everyone enjoyed meeting up together and sharing lunch. We love to have people visit the Taoist Tai Chi […]
Another Popular Beginner’s Weekend 0

Another Popular Beginner’s Weekend

Our beginner weekends are always popular and this one was no exception. 120 new members found balance in the 108 moves and learnt something of our culture. Many new friendships were made and the good-humoured group were great company for all. We hope that everyone will find a local class and enjoy even more benefit […]
A warm welcome – International Workshop in Colchester, GB 1

A warm welcome – International Workshop in Colchester, GB

At the 5-day International Workshop in Colchester, around 170 participants from 13 countries are enjoying a warm welcome, in exceptional (for England) temperatures of up to 32 degrees. We have been practising what has been described as ‘cool tai chi’, taking advantage of the softening effects of the heat. Mornings start with chanting – part […]
Dunedin City Leaders Visit Our International Centre 0

Dunedin City Leaders Visit Our International Centre

Fung Loy Kok Institute of Taoism directors welcomed guests from Dunedin, Florida, to our International Centre this weekend, including the city’s Mayor Julie Bujalski, Deputy Mayor John Tomga, and city Commissioners and officials.  The Dunedin group were on an annual visit to Toronto and accepted an invitation extended by President Marsha Eberhardt to visit the […]
Media Join Hard-hat Tour of Fenway Hotel 0

Media Join Hard-hat Tour of Fenway Hotel

A hard-hat tour through the Fenway Hotel in Dunedin, Florida, this week in anticipation of the boutique hotel’s opening in October has generated several stories in the news media, including the Tampa Bay Times, Bay News 9 and ABC Action News. The role of the Taoist Tai Chi Society of the USA in preserving the […]
Finding the Source in Helmond 0

Finding the Source in Helmond

During the terrific five-day international workshop in Helmond,  67 participants played, experienced and felt the extension, contraction, weight-shifting and elasticity in every move of the set. Andrew Hung clarified that these elements are the source, better known as the don-yu and the tor-yu.  When we started with the first set at the beginning of the […]
一干二净  Cleaning the Kitchen 1

一干二净 Cleaning the Kitchen

Yat guon yi jang is a Chinese idiom meaning either very clean or thoroughly/completely and as such is a particularly appropriate title for a post about thoroughly cleaning the kitchen here at the International Centre in Orangeville. We took everything out, scrubbed down the equipment, floors, walls, and shelves, hosed them off, organised everything, and […]
Chanting for Master Moy 0

Chanting for Master Moy

Chanters gathered at the International Centre on June 6 to pay their respects on the 20th anniversary of Master Moy Lin Shin’s death. Chanting was performed in the Three Religions temple in the morning and Memorial Hall in the afternoon. Offerings were also burned to bring comfort and peace.
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