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The Dragon's Head Blog: When two ideas melt to become one!

The Dutch Seniors committee liked to organize an activity to celebrate International Seniors Day in which they could sing together songs from the old days. And the Belgian board liked to organize a Christmas lunch. So why not combine these two? We did – on Sunday December 9th there was a Sing Along Christmas lunch in the TTCS Centre in Helmond. The day started with an Intensive which was attended by 85 members from The Netherlands and Belgium. Meanwhile, while the rest was sweating out in the practice hall, the kitchen crew which comprised of Belgian and Dutch members was preparing a festive Christmas lunch for everyone. For every course of the meal, a sing-along  was organized. Over a hundred voices sang in harmony French, Dutch and English songs. It was truly a cultural exchange. Before the lovely dessert was served, we summarized the afternoon with Christmas songs medley. Then, like a cherry on the cake, every member received a red envelope with an origami crane, folded by the members, with a nice Christmas wish. We were one big happy family!  Merry Christmas  to everyone!


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