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The Dragon's Head Blog: 30 years celebrations kick off in the Netherlands

Thirty years ago, the first Taoist Tai Chi® arts class started in the Netherlands. From that moment on, our learning and development started. And last Saturday we came together to do 30 sets in a row as a kickoff of the celebrations of our 30th anniversary. What a fun day was that! Lots of members from locations around the country came. There was an open house, to which all neighbours were invited – we did 5 guided tours through our beautiful centre. Members were cutting vegetables, cooking went on, and food came continuously out of the kitchen. And there was live music on the piano. There was a lot of movement, but together and in harmony. It was a wonderful day.

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  1. It was a day of celebration and cultivation of energy. Members were steaming to perform the sets and the feeling of doing it together enveloped each of us.

    It didn’t matter how well one does the form. What mattered was the participation and the high spirit, the activities we did together.

    I am happy i could be a part of this special day.
    Looking forward towards the 40th anniversary 😊

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