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Caring for ourselves and others 0

Caring for ourselves and others

To the Senior Leadership of Fung Loy Kok Institute of Taoism, thank you for all that you are doing to assist with our individual journeys to a deeper level of Taoist Tai Chi® practice.   In the last several months I have certainly found a deepening of my own practice and a clearer understanding that […]
Personal Practice – USA 1

Personal Practice – USA

Solo practice has changed and deepened both my acceptance of change and my Taoist Tai Chi® practice.  It has been fascinating to notice how my daily practice changes.  It’s not “just the tai chi” but also where it fits in my life.  In the last week I have begun to do a whole set first thing […]
Times that require change…   Tiempos que exigen cambiar… 0

Times that require change… Tiempos que exigen cambiar…

“Let’s not pretend that things change, if we always do the same …” These wise words that I read many years ago, I am understanding better in this surprising time of pandemic. The great medicine that I have had to incorporate with greater discipline into my new life routine are the Taoist Tai Chi® Arts, […]
All Souls Festival Reflections 0

All Souls Festival Reflections

Last Saturday, the Fung Loy Kok Institute of Taoism  offered an opportunity to observe and or participate in the All Souls Festival in a live online format following the weekly chanting opportunity.  Being familiar with some other traditions for the deceased, I was intrigued and curious but intended to just ” stay for awhile”.  Long […]
Personal Practice – USA 0

Personal Practice – USA

The Joy of Tai Chi “Saturday morning chanting and discussions have been my source of Taoist Tai Chi ® practice during the pandemic. I appreciated encouraging words from the international leaders by sharing Master Moy and his teaching. I have a little deeper understanding of confidence, trust and less worry each time I listen.  And Tallahassee branch zoom meetings on […]
Personal Practice in the Netherlands 0

Personal Practice in the Netherlands

In the beginning of the Corona lockdown I felt stressed and unsettled. In some ways, I was busier than ever with my family, struggling with limited energy, leaving me less and fragmented time to practice.  Participating for the first time in the “Chanting for the World” immediately calmed me down and made me very quiet. […]
Personal Practice – USA 1

Personal Practice – USA

This is a thank you for giving us such rich guidance during this time of self cultivation. The chanting sessions on Sat. mornings are such an opportunity for coming together with common purpose and the discussions have opened up much more about taoism than I had ever imagined. This in turn has been very helpful in […]
Lions Restored at the International Center Florida 1

Lions Restored at the International Center Florida

Steve Spathelf, Dunedin’s famous orange artist, returns to the International Center Florida to undertake the restoration of the resident lions. These lions started their life as guardians at the entrance of the International Centre at Orangeville, Ontario, Canada, but after many severe winters they were relocated to sunny Florida. Now they await the opportunity to greet […]
Keeping the Light 0

Keeping the Light

The Taoist Tai Chi Society of the USA supports the Dunedin FL Chamber of Commerce celebration of “keeping the light“ to lead a positive path through COVID19.  Purchasing white paper lanterns for us to decorate helped support a Community Responders project. Thanks to our creative decorator! A nice way to support our community.
Chanting for the World Brings Many Together 0

Chanting for the World Brings Many Together

Hello Pegoty,  It was good to hear your voice today. I like what you brought to the table about the NY Times opportunity to tell what we are doing to get through.  I jotted down  these words and phrases from Marsha, Andrew, Jim and others to share with students in my weekly email check in: […]
Chanting for the World 1

Chanting for the World

On Saturday, April 11, 2020, over 600 participants from 25 countries came together virtually and chanted for the world. “When the chanting started with so many fellow participants all over the world, I was surprised by tears and tears. For the last 8 months I have managed to hold myself together fairly well through cancer […]
Keep practicing. Stay strong. 2

Keep practicing. Stay strong.

  Sandy Cunningham, Dunedin, Florida Branch, is also a nurse at a very busy hospital, but found a brief moment to cultivate stillness.  She inspires us to keep practicing.  
Classes Suspended Across the Globe 3

Classes Suspended Across the Globe

We have all observed the rapidly changing situation with regard to the coronavirus. In recent days, many Branches and Locations have already suspended classes.all classes and programs until further notice. This includes retreats and intensives, special events and open house activities, etc.. Updates and further information will be posted  as soon as they are available. […]
Lantern Festival – International Centre 1

Lantern Festival – International Centre

Recently we were asked, “how can we take better care of the Taoist Tai Chi® arts?”   This year, as we celebrate our 50th Anniversary, there are opportunities to reflect on the uniqueness of our teachings. The International Centre in Canada, in the winter, offered a ‘quiet’ that seems harder to find in the bustle of everyday […]
California Branch Attends Live Strong Health Expo 0

California Branch Attends Live Strong Health Expo

The California Branch Our goal is 50 Taoist Tai Chi®  demonstrations for the 50th anniversary of the Society. We joined over 40 other vendors at the annual Live Strong Health Expo at the Concord Senior Citizen Center and were able to share the health benefits of our practice with many of the 400+ attendees. We […]
Florida Keys Branch Intensive 2

Florida Keys Branch Intensive

The Taoist Tai Chi® Florida Keys Branch recently welcomed almost 75 participants to a Saturday Intensive at the Key Largo location. The intensive was attended by participants from both the Greater Miami and Gold Coast Branches, most of whom remained to share a delicious lunch with their Florida Keys friends. 
Portland, Oregon Hosts National Program 0

Portland, Oregon Hosts National Program

The Taoist Tai Chi® Portland Branch held a National Program February 29th and March 1st hosting 82 eager participants from as far east as Massachusetts, as far south as Texas and as far north as Alaska and Canada. We were told to “forget the form” and focus instead on expanding and contracting our spines, loading the feet, and […]
Texas Branch attends Wolf Ranch Farmers Market 1

Texas Branch attends Wolf Ranch Farmers Market

On a beautiful day in Texas, 15 participants from the Taoist Tai Chi® Texas branch shared their practice of the Taoist Tai Chi® Arts at the Wolf Ranch Farmers Market with enthusiastic onlookers
International Retreat Czech Republic 1

International Retreat Czech Republic

Three hundred tai chi lovers from all over the world came to Brno, Czech Republic, for an International Taoist Retreat. They worked together on this gentle exercise to achieve inner harmony.  Media covered the event on live TV.  Na tři stovky milovníků tai chi z celého světa přijely do Brna na mezinárodní setkání taoistického tai […]
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