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The Dragon's Head Blog: New Year Retreat in Colchester

Many participants gathered together to enjoy this January retreat, to welcome 2024, and to set their intentions for becoming better in the New Year.

Throughout the five days of the retreat we were encouraged to work on the feeling and to change habits. There were many opportunities to work together on foundation exercises and other Taoist Tai Chi movements, and for participants to share what they felt on the inside.

The foundations were worked on in jongs, dan yu and tor yu and moves of the set.

Participants enthusiastically shared their feelings: joy, harmony, less thinking, less noise, better balance, more connection, more relaxed, more from the inside, softer, quieter.

There was interesting discussion of the deep benefits people receive from being a Leader-in-Training, including having the opportunity to shift the focus from oneself to others, and the mirror that watching others provides.

During the lunch break on Saturday the group was able to join the online FLK Saturday Session during the lunch break, and this stimulated valuable discussion at the start of the afternoon session, adding to the richness of the retreat.

What a great way to start the year!

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