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The Dragon's Head Blog: France offers thanks to front-line workers


As the health crisis loosened its grip, the Taoist Tai Chi Society (TTCS) of France launched a campaign of 3-month complimentary introductory courses for front-line workers who continued to work during the lockdowns.

This gesture of thanks is aimed at the medical and social professions and employees of essential services such as firefighters, refuse collectors and funeral workers; those who have been the pillars of our society during this trying period.
As of now and for the weeks to come, the TTCS of France is in contact with the organisations and employers concerned in Brittany and Burgundy to enable them to inform their employees of this offer to learn and practise Taoist Tai Chi arts; to find balance and enjoy relaxation.
This campaign gives us the opportunity to reflect and remember and to care (which is at the heart of our teaching) for those who cared so much for us, during difficult and dangerous times.
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