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A wobble at the top of the kick 0

A wobble at the top of the kick

Tuesday in Edinburgh, and the catering crew encounters the equivalent of a ‘wobble at the top of the kick’, when the oven overheats and the smoke forces a brief evacuation of the kitchen. As well-trained tai-chi-er’s, Elizabeth and the team recover their balance and serve the planned (and delicious) sausage pasta bake only 10 minutes […]
Happy Anniversary, Kincardine, Ontario 0

Happy Anniversary, Kincardine, Ontario

Kincardine culminated several months of celebrating their fifteen years of practising the Taoist Arts on October 3rd 2015. Forty seven participants enjoyed an intensive in the afternoon. At a banquet in the evening, seventy five people, including our local member of the Provincial Parliament, Kincardine’s Mayor and a representative from Central Region Management Committee, listened […]
International Workshop in Kraków, Poland 0

International Workshop in Kraków, Poland

Five day International workshop in Krakow held from the 4th to 8th of July, gathered 245 participants from 11 countries: Canada, Great Britain, France, Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, Switzerland and Poland. What did we experience from Tony Kwong’s teachings? A little bit of everything: there were sets, tor yus, don yus, set’s elements practised […]
International Workshop held in Portland, Oregon 0

International Workshop held in Portland, Oregon

The Taoist Tai Chi Society of the USA, Portland Branch, hosted an International Workshop in Portland, Oregon on September 26-27.  The Workshop had one hundred participants from nine states and Canada.  The Workshop was led by Verity Rolfe, an international instructor from Vancouver, Canada, Pacific region. The Workshop included large and small group sessions, working […]
‘High five’ in Helmond 0

‘High five’ in Helmond

A good ‘high five’ uses all five fingers and not three or four. This is what we discovered during the International Instructors Workshop in Helmond (9-13 September). It has a great effect on our tai chi. This and many others things were taught by Joé Thibault and Louis Blaquière who were leading the workshop. The […]
International Workshop in Budapest 0

International Workshop in Budapest

In early September 167 participants from 8 countries gathered together in Budapest to attend a two-day international workshop led by Joé Thibault and Louis Blaquiere. In an easy-going and cheerful atmosphere, we had a chance to participate and enjoy a well-rounded and full program. A major focus was on the eyes, which help connect the […]
The program must go on … 0

The program must go on …

A morning-long power cut didn’t stop 61 participants continuing to benefit from a lok hup program at the International Centre. As the light darkened in the Quiet Cultivation Centre practice hall, program leader Chris Lewis suggested we take our lok hup outside. Centre staff and volunteers also kept everything working, serving breakfast and lunch despite […]
First International Workshop in Switzerland 2

First International Workshop in Switzerland

On June 27-28, we had the opportunity to hold a first international workshop in Switzerland. We feel really privileged to have had the chance to experience such a nice adventure. Thank you! From the very beginning, the workshop planning conveyed a nice “working together” and “helping each other” spirit within the organization team. Very rapidly, […]
Toledo, Ohio Celebrates 25 Years 0

Toledo, Ohio Celebrates 25 Years

On the weekend of May 29-30 the Toledo, OH USA branch celebrated their 25 years of practicing the Taoist Tai Chi® Arts by having a weekend of activity. On Friday evening we started by doing a round of 108 Move Sets, then we enjoyed a delicious Chinese meal. On Saturday we continued doing Sets until […]
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