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The Dragon's Head Blog: The right course

We’ve recently discussed one of the guidelines from Fung Loy Kok directors at our ZOOM meeting with Polish members. It was about having a notebook to make notes regarding our individual practice and the progress we make and changes we can observe while being on the Taoist Tai Chi® training path.

Włodek, a member from Warsaw shared his story of the notebook he’s received from his mother in 2008. There was a note written by her:

“Notes to keep as you wish and as time goes on. Keep the right course, son, as long as you’ve checked and you are sure that this is the one you want. “


Włodek’s mother passed away in 2013 and he didn’t feel like writing anything in this notebook, until now.

He decided it is the right moment to start writing about his Taoist journey and that this will be the best use of the notebook his mother gave him.

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