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The Dragon's Head Blog: Strong leg muscles for a fit brain!

The brains and bodies of identical twins were compared over ten years and for the first time, a connection has been found between power in the lower limbs and healthy cognitive ageing.

So, if you need a little extra motivation to get up and do your danyu’s (or any of our moves!) …..

Read article published on PsyBlog >

Read scientific study in Gerontology >

3 Responses

    1. Hi Brooks,

      Where are you located? Happy to check if we have locations near you where you can try out a class and get more information about how Taoist Tai Chi can help you. We also offer weeklong programs at our International Centre in Mono, Ontario. Which you can attend also if you are not participating in our classes.

      You can also have a look for yourself:, our worldwide directory of locations can be found via that page.


  1. Hi Brooks,
    I’m from Hungary and I have been practiced Taoist Tai Chi for 7 years. When I started I suffered from serious symptoms of essential tremor. Nowdays I have some slight problem in extremly stressed situation. So I recommend you to try it because for me it was the only thing that helped . Good luck and enjoy it! 🙂

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