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The Dragon's Head Blog: November Programs at the International Center Florida

The International Center Florida hosted 3 consecutive weeks of Taoist Tai Chi® arts, gently flowing from one retreat into the next. Hsing-I, Continuing Instructor Training and Lok Hup programs brought nearly 450 participants together from around the globe. Fundamental to our experience was letting go to focus on feeling each simple but powerful movement. Sitting, standing, and moving meditation strengthened our spines and helped us to cultivate stillness from the inside.

Seeing the calligraphy from the 2018 Grand Opening of the International Center Florida reminded us to practice sincerely and from the heart. This heart intention extended to the harmony of working together to make sure the organization of the weeks flowed smoothly, and everyone was looked after. We also welcomed the chance to further our connection to the Dunedin community, which was both a treat and a pleasure on our opportunities to dine out locally.

We will take home and share our experiences so others may learn how to practice simply, and be inspired to attend a retreat of their own at the International Center in 2020.

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