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The Dragon's Head Blog: Do you want to change?

“You enter the Taoist training through the body.”

Participants worked hard on finding the feeling and the stillness as the leader of a five-day International Retreat in Perth helped us to go deeper in our Taoist Tai Chi ® practice.

We began each day with chanting at the Shrine – and an intention to work together which we carried into our practice throughout the day, including sitting and standing meditations, lok hup and a reception and banquet in the evening.

The retreat leader asked us: “Do you want to read another book about changing or do you want to change?”

These are some of the comments from the 144 participants:

“In my tor-yus this morning it was still inside but everything was moving. It felt absolutely great.”

“My body felt really elastic; there was no pain. It was beautiful. It’s just amazing what this practice does.”

“When I relax more I feel softer, lighter. Part of it is having the courage to let go. And there’s the sense that the chanting is the same as the set.”

“I feel quite profoundly different today after practising tor-yu and chanting.”

“I felt a bit of anxiety about kneeling for so long and hurting my knees … but actually it was an amazing experience My knees were amazing; they didn’t hurt. The chanting really had this profound effect and it was really special.”

“I feel fabulous. I can finally relax in bed at night.”

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