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The Dragon's Head Blog: “My heart felt light”

I am sure I will remember forever the openness and willingness to support and connect with each other which I am now learning to recognise and experience as important elements of the Taoist Tai Chi™ way. 

I reflected on what was different for me in how it felt going into this new environment as a newbie. In other situations I have felt nervous and worried about not being able to meet either others’  expectations or my own.

Instead, for my first Retreat there was none of this tension in my body or my mind.  Instead,  my heart felt light, my mind and body challenged at the same time as my  spirit was nurtured in a non-judgmental space and atmosphere. Truly these are the requirements for a great learning experience. For me I found it so much easier to be open, to be brave and put myself in a vulnerable place and connect with the people, the new knowledge and experiences and the feeling of being part of something bigger – the international Taoist Tai Chi™ practice.

I will carry the messages of softness, openness and letting go into the future of my Tai Chi and my life. — Deb

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