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The Dragon's Head Blog: Lantern festival: a light that brings us together


Last Saturday, we celebrated the Lantern Festival and the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit with an intensive.

The group was happy to see each other again, at first unsettled by the fact of practicing together. Then gradually, by focusing on expansion and compression, the group was able to experience the feeling of being together, the rhythm of doing one thing at a time.

Participants were open to share their feelings, self-corrections and questions. They enjoyed discovering new aspects through sharing and seeing how expansion and contraction can help them.

Despite our feeling of being a bit rusty in the organization, the atmosphere was calm, everything flowed smoothly and serenely. Some of us recognized the feeling and spirit of the organization: how we do things together.

The Lantern Festival gave us the opportunity to talk about our organization, the path we are all on, and to share how we work together in harmony, like a human body.

After a varied and delicious buffet prepared by the participants, six stayed for the international session, including three leaders.

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