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The Dragon's Head Blog: 67 participants and volunteers work together International Taoist Retreat in the Netherlands

It was wonderful to discover how it feels to put our minds into our spines, there seems to be always more.  Meanwhile, volunteers in the Centre helped to run everything smoothly, making sure there was food and all kinds of things that were needed.

Adding to the full experience, we enjoyed some chanting in the morning and practiced lok hup in the evening.

Now we have our ‘homework’, and we will be sure to come back for more opportunities to meet and practice together. We are very grateful that we can practice these internal arts to improve our health.

“Today was a great moment for me. I have a very stiff back and balance problems due to polio and arthritis in the hip. We worked a lot on the dropping, and for the first time I felt the tailbone moving! Not once but more times. My stepping became better and my balance improved. I am so happy.”

“Due to lung disease I have trouble breathing; lots of times I feel that I can not breathe to full capacity. With practicing the opening and dropping I felt my breathing go deeper and more natural. I want more of that!”

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  1. only a few months later and we are in lock down. whatching these photo’s brings me back to this wonderfull workshop, and gives me ideas to practise at home. I ‘explode’every now and then!!

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