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The Dragon's Head Blog: CIT Week – January 2020

Participants’ thoughts during the Retreat!

“My fatigue allowed me to work more deeply, letting go. I was feeling much more energized. I have a new appreciation.” – Southern Interior, Pacific Region, Canada

“I am feeling it working very deeply in mind and body.”  – North Conway, New Hampshire, USA

“CIT Week was amazing! Never have I sweat so much. I feel increased connection inside and out from simple, yet deep instruction.” – Central Vancouver Island, Pacific Region, Canada. 

” The opportunity to apply the principles or the tai chi stet to the Lok Hup set is a gift for which I am grateful. This helps deepen my understanding of the Taoist internal arts. I feel happy and more grounded. ” – Victoria, British Columbia

“Been practicing tai chi since ’05 and have been beginning attending beginning instruction for 4 years. This is my first CIT Week, Awesome!” – Carolinas, USA

“Nothing better than Taoist Tai Chi.” – Tallahassee, Florida, USA

” Teaches us to be open to new movement and flexibility. Grow through tai chi in other areas of our life.” – Gold Coast, Florida, USA

” After 19 years of practicing Taoist Taqi Chi I realize that the practice has changed many things in my life. I am more quiet in my heart and can deal with difficult issues with calmness. It has given me a pain-free back without any physical manipulation by therapists. I am happy to participate in the 50th Anniversary celebrations. ” – Central Vancouver Island, Canada  


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