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The Dragon's Head Blog: Finding balance at Health Recovery Week

Health Recovery participants don-yu their way down the room as they play with balance and weight-shifting. 




“There’s such a strong feeling of community within the group.  It warms my heart.” – Angie from Durham, Canada




“This has been a phenomenal week to help me work on issues that are present for me. It’s given me some tools to work with.” – Kathie from New Liskeard, Canada




“I found out my body knows where it should go better than where I think it should go.” – Ray from Toronto, Canada



Next Health Recovery Week: Wednesday, July 27 – Sunday, July 31

Are you coming?



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  1. What an amazing experience to have. From the moment you enter the property there is a serene feeling, a sense of calm washes over you. From day one we start learning to balance the move within ourselves and to move as a group. Slowly shifting and melting into our don yu and tor yu. Learning how to perceive what the student feels and is doing. Such a marvellous week – I will be returning, hopefully very soon.

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