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The Dragon's Head Blog: Changing habits

56 years ago my mother passed away. I was 10. Since then I have lived a pretty wreckless life. Smoking has been one of my coping mechanisms for the last 40 years until 6 years ago, when Taoist Tai Chi gave me the strength to stop.

I ordered a plaque for my mother, for All Souls, a few years ago. At the time my reason was that it was a fund raiser. It was a nice way to support the Taoist Tai ChiTM community. A couple of weeks after the All Souls Festival, suddenly the realisation came that that was the first thing I had ever been able to do for my mum.

When we started chanting together each week, during the pandemic, I noticed an increased ability to focus but I really struggled with chest pains. Then suddenly, 3 weeks ago, there was no pain!!! 

So now during chanting my chest feels expanded and incredible solid.

I am always amazed how we find benefits from the Taoist arts even though we don’t understand what we are doing, we just have a go.


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