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The Dragon's Head Blog: Already eleven months and always present!

Confined but not suffocated or isolated! 

Our instructors have never stopped repeating to us, without ever getting tired: “Do some foundation movements, a little, every day…”

At first, my practise was very limited, often in the early morning. I found it easy to start but harder to continue. There is always some distraction ready to take the place. But the desire for fidelity was established, both by the will but above all by the satisfaction experienced each time. Then a consciousness of necessity was acquired. As you wash, as you walk… you do your Taoist Tai ChiTM arts. It is well-being.

Regularity has become the rule.  And to free myself from any counting, I introduced a timer. A rhythm was discovered and became personal. I often start slowly. The movement amplifies and then takes its pace with a return to calmness, til I’m smiling and feeling good. The advice so often given is applied: intention, deep and heavy roots, relax.

The body, with its problems, knows how to tell me what is possible today. Of course, rheumatism at the age of 80 has not disappeared, nor have the deficiencies of memory and comprehension. But the question arises: what would it be, if for eleven months,  I had not done this half-hour of Taoist Tai ChiTM practice every day? Convinced of the benefit, I formulate for myself, the wish to continue as long as possible with a look forward to find again with other practitioners.


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