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The Dragon's Head Blog: International Workshop in Rome, Italy

In Rome spring welcomed 96 members from seven countries (Czech Republic, Great Britain, Hungary, USA, Switzerland, Ireland and Italy) for the international workshop held by a joyful Carmen Capilla from Madrid, Spain. We worked on the foundations and on different parts of the set. The focus was on experiencing Taoist Tai Chi® as an internal art, trying not to perform the 108 moves, but staying balanced and enjoying each movement instead of controlling.




It was amazing to realise that weight shifting can be as simple as walking and that “less is more”, not working so hard, but being open to try new ways of finding center and balance. Attempting to understand the idea of sponginess and expanding in all directions, we were invited to imagine ourselves as “muffins”, expanding and rising in all directions while baking in the oven.


There were many occasions of joy and laughter, thanks to Carmen’s sense of humor and to the joy of being together. Learning from each other, as a group, not only in the practicing, but also during meals, pauses and tasks were wonderful ways of growing, sharing and maturing. Sunday, between sessions, the Italian section held its AGM. We hope that each one of us will be able to practice a lot in this year of the rooster and … enjoy!



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