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The Dragon's Head Blog: Brightening up a grey summer

Awareness Day in East Anglia, Great Britain, August 29 2015

EAR AD 3EAR AD 2     A meal and an intensive on Friday night, then chanting, jai and Awareness Day on Saturday, the one day of the week it didn’t rain, made for a full and enjoyable weekend. We accompanied a rock concert in the park and many concert goers were drawn away from the music to our oasis of calm to watch and try out Taoist Tai Chi® arts. We made it look sunny even when it wasn’t as for the first time all the participants wore the current Awareness Day shirt for the demonstrations.EAR AD 6  EAR AD 5    All five branches in East Anglia were represented and even all the regions in GB were represented with over a hundred enthusiastic and committed participants travelling from as far away as Scotland to be involved.


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